17th April – Easter Monday

Easter and the Resurrection is the central mystery of our faith. I thought that the following reflection from Dr Micha Jazz at Premier Christian Media highlights one important dimension of it. It is based on “The LORD is my light and my salvation – so why should I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

pray-for-mercyLight is an essential element throughout life. I notice as age creeps up on me, I require brighter light to read at nights. Our chihuahua [pet dog] enjoys disappearing into the garden in search of hedgehogs, so I’m grateful for an outside light that gives me a chance of locating him when he starts barking at his quarry. Light reveals the way forward and enables us to locate things previously obscured by darkness.

I first discovered God’s light as just such a resource. It revealed to me how I was living and exposed the many fissures which I preferred to turn a blind eye to and hoped I hid from friends and family. God’s light revealed the narrow way, although I often skulked in the shadows. Knowing and living God’s way was different to my inclination to follow my own path.

As I have learned to choose the light ahead of both shadows and darkness, I also discern that there is an inner light within. It is the very essence of the Divine. Now I am invited to explore living both focused upon the world that demands my attention, from house management to caring for Mum, and equally dwelling with this inner divine presence.

It is this light the psalmist speaks of; the Lord who is light and is within me. My life is not primarily about rising to serve a God-inspired moral and ethical code. It’s about discovering the presence of God deep within, and living in the reality of God even as I engage in everyday tasks, from the mundane to the sublime. This light once identified requires my commitment to develop in understanding of how I might, as Paul writes, “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17, NKJV) for I am in the divine presence 24/7. My problem is that life can distract me away from such an awareness, at which point I lose my clearest navigational aid to living for Christ today.

QUESTION: What do you need to do each day to be able to clearly see Christ, your light?

PRAYER: Lord, you have set a light within me, help me to let it shine.