21st April – Easter Friday

This Friday was another chemo clinic day. The consultant was concerned about the chest infection I’ve had since Sunday and decided to defer the chemotherapy. She will see me again in a week. I was prescribed a week’s antibiotics and an inhaler.


This email ended up in my JUNK folder and just as I was about to delete it, I opened it and read it. The group do commendable work in looking after the needs of persecuted Christians – particularly in Iraq –  if you feel called to support them.

Hi Fr Morty,

In a few hours we will have left Iraq.

And we have to ask for more help!

We return to the comfort and the safety of our houses in the West, leaving a part of our hearts here and thousands of stories and lessons of suffering, sacrifice and heroism, pain and hope. Stories of people like you and me, who, in some cases, has lost everything.

We leave behind us…

…250 new settled Christian families in Kirkuk with Bishop Mirkis… and the new school they are building, the new church…; the student homes in Kirkuk, now sheltering more than 700 students, the destroyed and vandalized church in Bashiqa, where some of us cried seeing the destruction, the hate of the DAESH (ISIS) against the Christians; the inspirational Palm Sunday procession in Ashti2 IDP camp in Ankawa / Erbil, where 5000 displaced Christians have been living in containers since the summer of 2014; the wall of a schoolyard in Intel Esqof where we removed the DAESH inscriptions…

We leave it all behind us…  and I’m sure you will agree we still have to help them.

As I said in one mail I sent to you some days ago, it is not about a lack of food, it’s a lack of future. 

That’s why, with my greatest hope, I’m asking you…

Can you make a donation right now of €15, €35, or €50 (or any other amount you consider appropriate) so that we can give humanitarian aid to our persecuted brothers and sisters and also restart new and effective measures to help them in the political and international sphere?


To help our persecuted brothers and sisters. To make their voices heard.

Thank you very much once again for all you do, for being there…

All the best,

Caroline Craddock and the CitizenGO team

P.S.  I’ve been telling you some things about our trip in the past days, I’ll write to you again (asap) with more details and stories. By the way… If you already answered some of our past emails in which we asked for help for our persecuted brothers and sisters, excuse us, you are receiving this e-mail by mistake!

But if you still have not sent your help… The support we are asking from you is deeply urgent… so, please (I would appreciate it), if you could make your donation right awayhttps://donate.citizengo.org/en/. If you prefer PayPal, you can make it here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&item_name=Citizengo en&hosted_button_id=WMD8NFT9WKSZY&lc=us

After you have finished making your donation, I welcome you to share this email with your friends, family and contacts. For sure, more than one will understand it and will be grateful to you.

Some of our goals/projects in this trip:

  • To directly experience the harsh situation that Christians and other minorities are facing in an area devastated by war.

  • To record testimonies of refugees (Christians and other minorities) in order to raise awareness in our huge CitizenGO community, so we could better influence the International sphere to protect the persecuted Christians.

  • To spread the word: disseminate with all our means, a reality often forgotten by the Western media

  • To collaborate in concrete projects:

    • Student homes project, Archbishop of Kirkuk, Monsignor Mirkis

    • Nisthiman Camp Kindergarten project under supervision of Etuti (an NGO founded by young active Christians)

    • Stone cutting factory to provide employment for the people in the four villages belonging to the Mar Mattai Monastery

    • Undetaking construction and probiding supplies to facilitate the resettlement of the inhabitants of Tel Esqof, Baqofa and Batnaya in Alqosh diocese, Bishop Warda

    • Water for Ain Bakra, a very small village of poor Christian families very close to the area conquered by DAESH (ISIS)

    • And much more (I hope – with your help). As I have said before, I´ll write to you again and more detailed in a few days

CitizenGO is a community of active citizens that seeks to defend life, the family and fundamental rights worldwide. To find out more about CitizenGO clickhere or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

To contact CitizenGO,  reply at this link: http://www.citizengo.org/en/contact.