26th April

On approximately a daily basis I get an email with an excerpt from the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. (If you would like to subscribe free, send an email to mail@flocknote.com). This bulletin is of particular interest to the lay faithful.

  1. What is the vocation of the lay faithful?st joseph worker

    The lay faithful have as their own vocation to seek the Kingdom of God by illuminating and ordering temporal affairs according to the plan of God. They carry out in this way their call to holiness and to the apostolate, a call given to all the baptized.

    Further reading: CCC897-900, 940

    189. How do the lay faithful participate in the priestly office of Christ?

    They participate in it especially in the Eucharist by offering as a spiritual sacrifice “acceptable to God through Jesus Christ” (1 Peter2:5) their own lives with all of their works, their prayers, their apostolic undertakings, their family life, their daily work and hardships borne with patience and even their consolations of spirit and body. In this way, even the laity, dedicated to Christ and consecrated by the Holy Spirit, offer to God the world itself.

    Further reading: CCC 901-903