6th May

Today I did something exceptional: I got up at 3.30am to attend the local Pieta Walk to raise awareness about suicide. Pieta House is a leading national charity that serves those affected by suicide and suicidal tendencies. The 5k dawn event started at 4.15am and finished at about 5am. It is titled appropriately “From darkness into light.” Here is a photo of me lining up for a cup tea (Fr More-Tea) in the Hall afterwards! Secondly pic with parishioner Mary Ellen.

photo 1photo 2

This is the May Medjugorje Message which has its own rather challenging dimension.


“Dear children. I am calling you to pray, not to ask for [things] but to offer sacrifice – sacrificing yourself. I am calling you to reveal the truth and merciful love. I am praying to my Son for you, for your faith which is all the more diminishing in your hearts. I am imploring Him to help you with the divine spirit as I also desire to help you with my motherly spirit. My children, you must be better. Only those who are pure, humble and filled with love sustain this world – they are saving themselves and the world. My children, my Son is the heart of the world. He should be loved and prayed to and not always betrayed anew. Therefore you apostles of my love, spread the faith in the hearts of people by your example, your prayers and merciful love. I am beside you, I will help you. Pray for your shepherds to have all the more light, so as to be able to illuminate all those who live in darkness. Thank you.”