23rd May

I travelled down to Kerry yesterday on the bus. We will be celebrating Dad’s 85th birthday tomorrow in the nursing home. Then on Thu I’ll fly to England and will lead a pro-life retreat in Our Lady’s shrine at Walsingham from Friday to Tue. Afterwards I will travel to Hythe, Kent to see the SOLT community there. Departing on Thu, I’ll be back in time for my next chemotherapy clinic on Fri June 2nd.

Here is today’s gospel reflection from the Irish Catholic Bishops’ website.

Gospel Reflection           Tuesday,              Sixth Week of Easter            John 16:5-11 

Holy_SpiritIn the gospel reading this morning, Jesus tells the disciples that when the Advocate, the Holy Spirit comes, he will show the world how wrong it was about sin, about who was in the right and about judgement. Those who were responsible for the death of Jesus concluded that Jesus must have been a sinner to have died in the way he did; his ignominious death showed that God had judged him. Therefore, those responsible for Jesus’ death thought that they were right to put this sinner to death. Jesus declares that the Holy Spirit will demonstrate that this unbelieving world is totally wrong in these assessments. Jesus was not a sinner; he was not judged by God; those who put him to death were not in the right. We see here the enormous disparity between God’s perception and human perception. The one whom God looked upon as a beloved Son, others looked upon as a sinner. The one whom God vindicated was considered judged or condemned by God. Those who saw themselves as in the right were judged by God to be completely in the wrong. Our perspective can be very wide of the mark. We need to keep growing into God’s perspective, to see as God sees, to judge as God judges. It is the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, who gives us God’s perspective. It is the Holy Spirit who enables us to see as God sees, to know as God knows, to understand as God understands, to be wise in the way God is wise. That is why we desperately need the Holy Spirit to keep filling our hearts and our minds afresh.


The Gospel reflection comes from WEEKDAY REFLECTIONSTo know the love of Christ 2016/2017 by Martin Hogan published by  The Messenger c/f www.messenger.ie

GOSPEL:                         John 16:5-11
Unless I go, the Advocate will not come to you;  but if I do go, I will send him to you.

Jesus said to his disciples:

‘Now I am going to the one who sent me.
Not one of you has asked,
“Where are you going?”
Yet you are sad at heart because I have told you this.
Still, I must tell you the truth:
it is for your own good that I am going
because unless I go, the Advocate will not come to you;
but if I do go, I will send him to you.
And when he comes, he will show the world how wrong it was,
about sin,
and about who was in the right,
and about judgement:
about sin: proved by their refusal to believe in me;
about who was in the right: proved by my going to the Father
and your seeing me no more;
about judgement:
proved by the prince of this world being already condemned.’

The Gospel of the Lord.