13th July – St Henry.

Saint_HenrySt Henry was born in Bavaria in 973 and succeeded to the dukedom at the age of 22. He became Holy Roman Emperor in 1014. He was noted for his support for the reform of the Church and for his encouragement of its missionary activity. He set up many bishoprics, and he and his wife Cunegunda founded many monasteries. He died in 1024 and was canonized by Pope Eugenius III in 1146.

In the Office of Readings is a letter of his about detachment from worldly living and exchanging earthly riches for heavenly ones.

We learn from the saving teachings of holy scripture that we should set aside earthly comfort in order to strive for a place in the everlasting council of heaven. Even while it lasts, our [worldly] glory is fleeting and empty unless at the same time we give thought to the eternity of heaven. But in his great mercy God has given man a useful remedy: he has made a share in the heavenly fatherland the reward for our [generous use] of earthly wealth. [Thus we will] lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven where thieves do not break in and steal, neither does moth nor rust consume. There too as we consider all that is now gathered there, our heart often turns in desire and love.