20th July.

Jesus n Violence


Today’s article follows on from what I said yesterday about Fr McCarthy. This year the email bulletins he sends out about Christian nonviolence are based on the writings of a little known scholar of the last century  Rev. Dr. Johannes Ude, a Catholic priest, holder of 5 earned doctorates, including one in theology, 26 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and  imprisoned conscientious objector in Germany in WWII.

The death of Christ on the cross reveals the divine mystery of sacrifice, the profundity and glory of the kingdom of God compared with all the glitter of the world.  He (Christ) knows with what means God conquers evil and death as compared with the means used by the kingdom of the world:  By drinking one’s cup and accepting the baptism by blood. This means that one does not practice violence or pay back injustice with injustice; rather by suffering and sacrificial love he transforms evil into good, the curse into a blessing, hate into love, death into life; by not baptizing others with bloodshed by the sword but by taking upon oneself the baptism of blood.  The freely accepted cross of love is the eternal condemnation of violence.  It is the turning point of history. Whoever proclaims one’s allegiance to the cross condemns the world and its perpetual sermon on justified violence. (Taken from the book  You Shall Not Kill (1944))

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Figuring out the moral universe by putting Jesus and his teachings on love and nonviolence at the centre is a mammoth task. If you would like to take it further, this is a link to a set of 24 online talks by Fr McCarthy: http://www.centerforchristiannonviolence.org/audio-files/ The first 16 are BEHOLD THE LAMB – AUDIO and the second set of 8 talks are QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON GOSPEL NONVIOLENCE.