5th August – Memorial of Our Lady

our-lady-of-fatimaSaturdays in Ordinary Time are an opportunity to reflect on the role of our spiritual mother Mary. This meditation comes from Carol Monaco and her online magazine JOURNEY TO OUR LADY / http://www.journeytoourlady.com.

In the prayer, Hail Holy Queen, Mary is “Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope.” This simple message tells us that the Mother of God is our most faithful advocate. Perfectly united with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother can guide us gently to our salvation. Born of human parents and without the stain of original sin, Mary was completely centered – body, mind, and spirit – in God’s way of living and never strayed from God’s path during her entire human existence on earth. Unlike Mary, we are born with the stain of original sin. However, through Baptism and the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation we are given every opportunity to wash away our sins so that we too can live life as God wants us to live it. We are all God’s children, however many of us choose to stray from the path God has laid out for us to reach eternal life in His Kingdom. In all of her life’s journeys, Mary was steadfast in her love, her belief, her faith, and her trust in God. For our journey, our Heavenly Father entrusts us to our Blessed Mother. When we place ourselves in Mary’s maternal care, our Lady helps us to overcome our own imperfections and fears – opening our hearts to God’s loving graces so that we can follow the Lord’s way without fear, without hesitation, and be Christ-like in our daily living. Mary, indeed, is full of God’s grace which protected her on earth and ultimately raised her to Heaven to be Queen of the Most Holy. As our heavenly Mother, our Lady will intercede for us and dispense God’s graces upon us so that we can rise in holiness in our lifetime and enter into eternal joy — body and soul. Let us continue our journey.