13th August – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Today I travel to Kerry. Dad’s Month’s (actually 2.5 months!) Mind Mass is on Monday. I will return to the parish on Friday.

This Sunday’s gospel is about Peter trying to walk on the water, taking his eyes off Jesus and when he starts to drown, has to be rescued by Jesus.

In my homily I talked about having a similar drowning experience after my cancer diagnosis – not knowing if I was going to live, not knowing if my spinal repair operation would allow me to walk again, if I would ever minister as a priest again, etc. Furthermore my mind was messed up by morphine so I could not pray or reason things as usual.

In the midst of this drowning experience I received a letter from a past parishioner. I had counselled her in a similar cancer situation by giving her the image below. I said put yourself in Peter’s place and say LORD! SAVE ME! Then let Jesus say to you COURAGE! IT IS I! DO NOT BE AFRAID. Let him pull you out of the water and bring you back to the safety of the boat. This kind person was now returning the picture to me because she knew I needed it more than she did.


“Courage, it is I, do not be afraid.”

It worked! Daily I put myself in Peter’s place and entrusted everything to Jesus’ saving power. In time everything was sorted!

You might like to print the picture for your own future use. (Somebody in your circle should have the necessary IT smarts.)